White Styrofoam Cones

StyroShapesSKU: STY-32WC

Size: 3"x2" (48/case)
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Styrofoam cones serve many situations: practical, decorative & craft purposes. Most seamstresses, casual or experienced, have a container filled with push pins, or even a small pad filled with sand or rice. A new trend fuses function and fashion, by placing them into a cone. If you have many styles, such as pearl tips, rainbow tips, metallic tips, you can create a unique patter throughout the cone, or simply create a monochromatic appearance with a singular styled pin. If you have a canister of buttons, you can easily pin those to the cone, as well. When needed, simply pull your pin out of the tree and return it when finished. For ideas and inspiration, we’ve created a Pinterest board for all things foam cones.

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